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ohno camp

this supposed to be my header now,but i decided not to use it since i dont make any anniversary cards XDDD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARASHI!!!!! Congratz for your wonderful 10th year, i believe that so many ppl cheering on you now, you guys are awesome and there's no word can describe it!
I hope you'll continue this abundant storm for the next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, and so on..once again


PS : my deepest condolences for oujo, her mom passed away today ToT..oujo yg sabar ya~maav ga bisa kesana..

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arashi no anniversary wa september 15 ja nai no? november 1 is the release of a.ra.shi desu neh? hehe

yeah u're ryte.. i mean nov 3rd is their b'day debut..hehehe

what do u mean by "nande"?? =>

eh kok bisa? ada apa? sakit ya nyokapnya oujo?
my deep condolence for oujo :(

ngga chaa..katanya jatuh di kamar mandi,abis itu lngsg ga ada..tragis bgt ya ;(

ya ampunnnn :(((((((((((((
kok bisa. no one know God's plan,
gw sms oujo deh sekarang,

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